Diploma Acara/Event

Melbourne Polytechnic
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Diploma 3 (D3)
Mode pembelajaran
6 months
Februari Juli
Biaya (lokal)
Informasi tidak tersedia
Biaya (mahasiswa asing)
Rp 66,756,757

Syarat masuk

  • Ijasah SMA dengan nilai rata-rata 7-9
  • Bahasa Inggris: IELTS Akademik 5.5 keseluruhan atau kesetaraan yang diakui


  • Manage meetings
  • Manage operational plan
  • Work effectively with others
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • Operate a bar
  • Serve food and beverage
  • Operate an online information system
  • Provide advice on Australian destinations
  • Prepare quotations
  • Provide service to customers
  • Enhance the customer service experience
  • Manage quality customer service
  • Show social and cultural sensitivity
  • Access information on event operations
  • Process and monitor event registrations
  • Provide event staging support
  • Plan in-house events or functions
  • Select event venues and sites
  • Manage event staging components
  • Manage onsite event operations
  • Manage finances within a budget
  • Prepare and monitor budgets
  • Use hygiene practices for food safety
  • Monitor work operations
  • Establish and conduct business relationships
  • Manage projects
  • Lead and manage people
  • Participate in safe work practices
  • Identify hazards and assess and control safety risks

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