Family Scholarships

Tipe Partial scholarship
Negara studi Malaysia
Kualifikasi Foundation, Sarjana (S1)
Applying deadline
Email penyedia beasiswa
Provider phone +60 (7) 268 6205
Kebangsaan yang layak Amerika Serikat, Australia, Cina, Hong Kong, Inggris, (+232)
  • University of Reading Malaysia


Family Scholarships for immediate family members of current students (10% scholarship).



Note that scholarships are not cumulative; for instance, if a student qualifies for a High Achiever scholarship of 30% and an Alumni Scholarship of 10%, that student would not receive a 40% reduction. These scholarships are only applicable where primary registration is at and tuition fees are payable to UoRM. Mobility students visiting from the UoR campus would therefore not be eligible.

Terms and conditions apply.