Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development

Melbourne Polytechnic
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Diploma (D4)
Mode pembelajaran
1 year
Biaya (lokal)
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Biaya (mahasiswa asing)
Rp 129,405,405

Syarat masuk

  • Ijasah SMA dengan nilai rata-rata 7-9
  • Bahasa Inggris:¬†IELTS akademik 5.5 keseluruhan atau kesetaraan yang diakui.


  • Originate And Develop Concepts
  • Research And Apply Concepts And Theories Of Creativity
  • Manage Design Realisation¬†
  • Research And Apply Design Theory
  • Ensure A Safe Workplace
  • Manage And Exploit Copyright Arrangements
  • Secure Funding For Projects
  • Extend Professional Expertise With Drawing And Other Visual Representation Tools
  • Design Innovative Products
  • Maintain And Apply Creative Arts Industry Knowledge
  • Research The Role And Use Of The Photo Image In Visual Communication
  • Originate A Body Of Independent Creative Work
  • Engage In The Business Of Creative Practice
  • Publicly Present A Body Of Own Creative Work
  • Evolve Ideas For Professional Creative Work
  • Extend Cultural Research Expertise

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