Diploma in English for Professional Communication

Course overview

Kualifikasi Diploma 3 (D3)
Mode pembelajaran Full-time
Durasi 30 months
Intakes Maret, Juni, Juli, September, Oktober
Tuition (Local students) Rp 104.664.938
Tuition (International students) Rp 104.664.938





Rp 104.664.938
Local students
Rp 104.664.938
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


Rp 346.285
Local students
Rp 2.424.001
Foreign students

Student Visa

Rp 8.310.863
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

Persyaratan Masuk

  • Ijasah SMA dengan nilai rata-rata 7-9

Persyaratan Bahasa Inggris

  • TOEFL 520 (PBT)/ 68 (iBT)/ 190 (CBt), IELTS 5.0, IEP Lavel 3


Tahun ke 1

  • Effective Listening & Speaking Skills I
  • Effective Listening & Speaking Skills II
  • Expository Writing I
  • Fundamentals Of Communication
  • Grammar In Action 1
  • Grammar In Action II
  • Introduction to Communication Theories
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Office Applications Software
  • Pengajian Malaysia 2 / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
  • U2 Subject, U3 Subject, U4 Subject
  • Presentation Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Study Skills

Tahun ke 2

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Effective Articulation
  • Expository Writing II
  • Human Communication
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Introduction to Report Writing
  • Negotiation for Success
  • Oral Communication in Business
  • Organizational Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Professional Correspondence
  • Professional Image Building
  • Psychology of Communication
  • Report Writing
  • Short Stories in English

Maximum 6 courses for comparison!